Who is Thin Ghost?

Thin Ghost is Nick Clarke.

I am a copy- and long-form writer based out of London and, every now and then (but not often enough), New York.

I am pretty sure that the world does not need another blog made up of things culled (or, ahem,”curated”) from somewhere else on the interweb.

But my website is under construction. So in the meantime, here is a blog made up of things culled (or, er, “curated”) from somewhere else on the interweb.

Things that inspire and influence me. Things that make me curious.

You might find some of my writing here, too.

Having returned from living in Argentina, in 2012, I founded Thin Ghost because I have a passion for good writing and working with passionate people.

For 8 years I worked at a global ad agency, out of London, where I was Head of Media and then Global Brand Manager.

I worked with 15 teams around the world, each made up of fantastic people and brands. Such as, CNN, Disney, the COI, MINI, Western Union, J&J, Diageo, Nike and Barclays.

I wrote scripts, copy, branded content, lectures, and articles for international publications.

Then I moved to Buenos Aires because I had heard it is wonderful. It is.

Since 2000 I have also worked either in-house, as a freelance writer or been commissioned by a number of publications. These include, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, Esquire, Wonderland magazine, the British Film Institute, Sight & Sound and several advertising trade titles.

I write ad copy, and about film, boxing and books. And sometimes about music and art, too.

In 2005 I completed an MA in film theory at King’s College, London.

And from 2005-08 wrote my doctoral thesis on, The Cultural & Political Use of Soul and Jazz Music in African-American Cinema, 1968-1974.

I hope you enjoy some of what you find here.


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