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The Worst/Greatest Death Scene Ever

From Turkish movie, Kareteci Kız, 1973. Not much else to say….


1980s Weather Wannabes Captured in Glorious Style

In 1983, while working at a local television station, photographer Michael Jang captured the eccentric, and frankly oddball, people who came in to audition as weather presenters. The collection, Summer Weather, never before displayed, recently emerged into glorious light. And after 30 years it is well worth the wait.

These portraits are beautifully shot, honest and just a joy to look at (via Its Nice That)

Michael Jang’s website is here.

Frank Budgen. D&AD’s (Joint) Most Awarded Director

This week, in London, D&AD celebrated their 50th birthday. As part of the evening Frank Budgen was recognised as the most awarded director (joint with Tony Kaye). Here’s his brilliant 2001 Nike Tag TV spot

Paris v New York; New York v Paris. An Animated Transatlantic Head-to-Head

Beautiful Tony Miotto animation of Vahram Muratyan’s stunning, and hugely popular, book of illustrations setting each city’s sights, sounds and smells against each other (via It’s Nice That)



Film Scenes at Actual Locations

Love this simple idea from the blog FILMography. Film scene stills taken back to their original locations.

North by Northwest

The French Connection

The Quiet American

The Warriors

The Thomas Crown Affair

Three Days of the Condor

See more here

Jon Contino – Empire State of Pen